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About Us

Welcome to GPayBack ! Get familiar with our company and explore the services:

Founded in 2020, GPayBack is headquartered in Bengaluru with a tech office in Kerala. GPayBack is partner with Flipkart, Amazon, and 2Gud, and we plan to make the list larger. GPayBack has grown to become India's largest cashback from online shopping destination.

We are not affiliated or partnered with Google or any of its other services. The Name "GPayBack" came from "Get Pay Back", the resemblance to Google Pay app is just a coincidence.

At GPayBack, we help you save money through our comprehensive cashback deals and discounts from top online shopping websites. You can also earn reliable extra full cashback on top of the regular cashbacks every time you shop through us. You can now save more by shopping through us.

Our aim is to create a generation of smart shoppers by empowering customers to make the best possible choices.

In case you want to contact us, visit our Contact Us page or drop us a mail at