Did You Know?

How it Works?

Welcome to GPayBack !

Do's & Don't

  • Turn off all third party shopping related browser extensions.
  • Avoid clicking on price comparison widgets.
  • Start shopping by clicking on the link provided.
  • Continue shopping without opening any other new websites.
  • Finish your purchase within few seconds or minutes.

How GPayBack Works

In addition to the discounts for online shopping that are listed on their websites (example Amazon, Flipkart), we also give you an option of earning additional cashback on your online purchases. Stores that offer an additional cashback can be identified by looking at the PARTNERS page.
  • To earn the generated cashback, please ensure that you get redirected to the store only via the GPayBack link and make your purchase.
  • We will confirm the cashback within 2-3 days from your order date.
  • Once your purchase is completed, we usually update the cashback status and transfer the money within next few days.
  • If you receive our cashback and later cancelled the order, and this happens multiple times, we will be forced to block you from our website.
  • If any of your order gets cancelled, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Once we receive final confirmation of the sale from the merchant your pending cashback is made available for you to use.
  • Cashback earned from GPayBack is your money and will be transferred via Google Pay transfer.
Note: The waiting period to receive cashback is less than 7 days now, it will change any time without any prior notice.
In some cases, the offers given to us by the store are only valid for a limited duration or until promotion lasts. When the offer reaches its expiration date, we automatically remove it from our Website and Apps.
This is done to ensure that you have a great all-around experience and do not attempt to use offers which no longer work.